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180+ years of combined U.S. and Foreign military combat arms experience
60+ years of military combat operations experience
40+ years of combined U.S. and Foreign military instructional experience


The UOTS supports permanent and non-permanent structure facilities, including addition or expansion to existing facilities. It also supports the integration across sites and live, virtual and constructive mission domains, as well as the continuation of instrumentation and data processing growth corresponding with tactical systems. Read more...


Strategic Range Solutions has provided SME support on the Instrumented Ranges/Digital Range Training System (IRDRTS). SRS has provided an end-user perspective on the needs to better train the U.S. Army in Gunnery operations. We develop Tactical Live Fire Scenarios for the Digital Ranges, instruction on the Scenario Development Tool (SDT), Range Data Editor (RDE), Situational Awareness Window (SAW), System Controller (SYSCON), Exercise Controller (EXCON) and After Action Review (AAR) processes, giving the installation/units for a more full training experience. Read more...


Strategic Range Solutions is the world leader installing TRACR on over 160+ small-arms ranges and 40+ maneuver ranges at over 40+ US Army installations. SRS has trained over 400+ personnel on the TRACR system making us the international leader in the industry. TRACR supports the major target device communication protocols which are used at the Army training installations to include ERETS and FASIT. Read more...


Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) is a state-of-the-art projectile detection targetry system for small arms marksmanship training. LOMAH detects the passage of all Supersonic projectiles passing through or by the target surface in single shot slow, rapid, and automatic bursts fire modes. A bullet passing through the target will not "knock down" the silhouette. Read more...

The U.S. Army's Program Executive Office of Simulation, Training and Instrumentation awarded Lockheed Martin an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract to provide Urban Operations Training Systems (UOTS) for the U.S. Army, Army Reserve and National Guard. The award includes an initial $22,000 delivery order with a potential value of $287 million over five years.

"We believe this training program will allow us to respond quickly to Warfighters' critical requirements through immersive environments," said Jim Craig, vice president of training systems at Lockheed Martin's Global Training and Logistics business unit. "We aimed to deliver an affordable solution that gives trainees the ability to tailor their training experience easily and quickly."

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