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Strategic Range Solutions currently has significant training and mentoring capabilities available based on the experience of its senior staff. Some of our capabilities utilized by our clients in the past are;

  • Military Analysis and Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Technical Interface Inspection
  • Construction Compliance Inspection
  • Range Design and Development
  • Range and Training Facilities Capabilities Audits
  • Hardware Installation
  • Video and Audio Installation
  • Software installation, Integration and Updating
  • Installation of Targets and After Action Review Instrumentation
  • Technical Writing for Operations and Equipment
  • New Equipment Training (NET)
  • Operator and Maintenance New Equipment Training
  • Range Operations Support Activities
  • Range Maintenance Support Activities
  • Training Systems and After Action Review Design

Raising the Bar for Every Project

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Though a skill set may not be present above, this does not mean SRS is not up to the challenge. Strategic Range Solutions can be an asset for a wide range of projects. We pride ourselves on raising the bar of excellence on every project that comes our way.

SRS will continue to be a leader in business solutions for generations to come. By putting our customers first and getting the job done right, every customer to date has been extremely satisfied with our work, and has become a returning customer. Please let us prove to you the quality of our team.