Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH)

Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) is a state-of-the-art projectile detection targetry system for small arms marksmanship training. LOMAH detects the passage of all Supersonic projectiles passing through or by the target surface in single shot slow, rapid, and automatic bursts fire modes. A bullet passing through the target will not “knock down” the silhouette. Rather a computer signal will trigger the mechanism to lower the target when the acoustic sensor indicates a bullet has entered the area of a hit. The silhouette serves only as an aiming point. If a projectile passes through the silhouette (through a hole in the silhouette) or passes by the silhouette, the shot will be detected, the shot location is displayed and the shot scored. This positive target hit-miss feature allows continued use of silhouettes even with numerous gaps/holes in the silhouette surface. The LOMAH range is used to provide realistic and challenging training for soldiers to qualify with their individual weapons. This facility primarily is used by basic entry soldiers, combat soldiers, and combat support soldiers. LOMAH is also used to qualify individuals for their semi-annual qualification.


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