Targetry Range Automated Control and Recording (TRACR)

Strategic Range Solutions is the world leader installing TRACR on over 160+ small-arms ranges and 40+ maneuver ranges at over 40+ US Army installations. SRS has trained over 400+ personnel on the TRACR system making us the international leader in the industry. TRACR supports the major target device communication protocols which are used at the Army training installations to include Enhanced Remote Equipment Target System (ERETS) and Future Army System of Integrated Targets (FASIT).

TRACR provides a single common target controller for all Army targets and ranges identified in Training Circular 25-8 Ranges with a common look and feel and an integrated Graphical User Interface in accordance with the LT2 style guide and in compliance with the Common Training Instrumentation Architecture (CTIA)

TRACR system is a software application that supports the planning, execution and review of scenario-based training at non-instrumented Army training ranges. TRACR allows users to develop and prepare automated target control scenarios that support time and event-based target control as well as triggering via manual control. TRACR permits the user to control the training scenarios via scenario or manual overrides. TRACR also collects target engagement statistics and assists the user with the generation and presentation of After Action Review (AAR) material. Currently, the TRACR system can be utilized on all live-fire training ranges, from the small arms, lane-based versions up to large maneuver ranges such as Multipurpose Range Complex (MPRC). TRACR is a proven replacement for the existing ERETS control system and is also compatible with FASIT-compliant targets.


Sight is a simple to use, low cost video capture solution designed to meet live training community requirements. SIGHT operates in either a stand-alone mode, or tightly integrated with LT2 applications through the LT2 video SOA (Services-Oriented Architecture). SIGHT supports the Information Assurance (IA) accreditation process. Its simple interface and configuration makes the application suitable for a small to larger deployments.

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